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FINDOSO offers products to increase innovation and improve transparency: SCAN4FIN increases profit by benchmarking transaction data, Smart PSP is offering outsourced PSP-solutions and Payment Facilitator helps you to established innovative card scheme solutions.
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Based on the market demand we developed specific and highly specialized offerings including all our knowledge to provide scalable solutions for Clients.

To increase client value, you will receive for all products a comprehensive documentation providing you with transparent insight into workflows and background information.

If you have demand for new and not yet available products feel free to get in contact with us and we will share our roadmap and maybe establish new products jointly with you.


The Problem:

Very often companies processing payments do not have the optimal cost structure or have hidden potential to increase revenues or cutting costs. In addition, missing industry benchmarks create questions about client’s performance.


Our Offering:

SCAN4FIN is an analytics platform dedicated to normalize payment transaction data and present the results in merchant friendly layouts.


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Payment Facilitator

The Problem:

The Payment Facilitator (PayFac) role within Acquiring is a compelling example of evolving card scheme rules. MasterCard defines a Payment Facilitator as a merchant that is registered by an acquirer to facilitate transactions on behalf of sub-merchants. The Payment Facilitator (PayFac) takes care of many roles that were previously done by the Acquirer itself – the Acquirer now acts as the sponsor of the PayFac. The PayFac model is popular with companies that service many (sub)merchants, companies like Payment Gateways or Payment Service Providers but also companies like Square, PayPal and Shopify operate as PayFac too.

PayFac is a very strategic choice and opens up a world of opportunities without direct scheme responsibility, however, the sponsoring acquirer is likely to pass its responsibilities on to the PayFac so some form of Card Scheme Compliance Management is required. Also the different schemes all have slightly different rules and interpretations of the PayFac model so there are risks against these benefits. FINDOSO can help you understand, manage and mitigate these.


Our Offering:

FINDOSO has the staff and experience to help you understand whether the PayFac model is relevant for you and can help you assess with a business case whether choosing the PayFac model is a good option. FINDOSO can help you with selection criteria, acquirer selection & negotiation and, if required, ongoing management of the relationship.

Smart PSP

The Problem:

The offering of payment services as integral part of the value chain becomes a “must have” for established organizations, who do not see payment processing as core competence, as well as startups who would like to offer innovative products to customers. Operating your own payment service provider (PSP) enables Clients to offer new products, insource specific services or optimizing the existing cost structure.

As the term PSP stands for a variety of different business, technical and operational setups, organizations are often overstressed with the complexity of topics to be addressed.


Our Offering:

SMART PSP is a product designed to support you from the initial idea of setting up a PSP, through the set up itself, until the PSP is running and operating. We help you with and throughout the entire process of planning, development and launch, with all matters related to business, technology and processes. 

Different modules provided enables our clients to cooperate either as a turnkey partner or only at the processes were required.

While utilizing our industry knowledge and expertise and leveraging our partner network, we cut your time and efforts while ensuring that our service is of high value for you.


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